Chloe Vevrier’s Glamour Collection ‘Cosy Cabin’ Scarf

Swallow hard!

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s**********u $130.00 2023-05-09 23:23:04
w*******8 $100.00 2023-05-04 00:18:50
Start auction $66.00 3/5/2023 07:59:54

This unisex cotton scarf has never been used in such a kinky way as Chloe did in the photoset ‘Cosy Cabin’ and her diary as seen at This scarf lost its innocents when she had her way with it. Just think where it’s been- she knows you have to swallow hard when seeing her draped in it. No other items included- auction for scarf only. Comes with a one of a kind personalized 4 X 6 inch print. Auction photo is actual print image without watermarks and signed to you. Happy Bidding!